As part of my unit in Multimedia Journalism, I must produce a portfolio of work to assess what I have learnt and how I have put it into practice.

You could say it was a test run of what a typical day in the office as a multimedia journalist would look like.

Whether I enjoyed it or if it made me question my entire degree is another matter.


So far I have done…nothing!

Nope, that’s a lie! And with only a few days before the final hand in, it would be a terrible joke on my degree. So far, I have completed two interviews and written up my feature and my pitch.

All I have left to do now is the online version of the feature and my multimedia element, both easier said than done. Being the reigning champion of procrastination, this could be tricky!

My main concern, is my multimedia element. I have never participated in the creation of a video, let alone being its actual creator. As my chosen publication is ELLE magazine, I felt that a video to add to their already large YouTube channel, would be P-E-R-F-E-C-T!

The plan?…..

The plan is to go to the studio press record and cross my little fingers.

Not very smart I know but I have already recorded a podcast just in case this video does not go to plan. Hopefully it will but if not, it’s all good.