Well, I guess it’s time to say goodbye to this unit (finally! HA! Just joking).

What have I learnt?

That being a multiplatform journalist takes a lot more work than I thought.

Being a confident writer, certainly doesn’t mean you have what it takes to be a multiplatform journalist. Trust me that’s a whole other platform! tired_man_climbing_stairs_illustratio_450

I think the most crucial thing I have learnt is that if I’m getting comfortable in journalism then I’m certainly not doing it right. I may become a good journalist but researching and typing alone certainly will not make me a successful multiplatform journalist.

In the future, to ensure I am covering all the possible ways of communicating with my audience I need to continue:

  1. making podcasts
  2. planning videos
  3. constantly updating my blog

Naturally, this must be in the most fun and energizing way possible. I don’t want you to get bored of me so I have to keep thinking of new ways to attract my readers and viewers. Always keeping in mind that what you are seeing is just as important as what you are reading.

Until next time multiplatform journalists!