Presenting your work. AKA. The irrefutable, forced opportunity to completely embarrass yourself. You would think that at 20years old it is an art that has been somewhat perfected…

But believe it or not it was surprisingly useful.

Yes, I did bore my classmates with my ideas but I did feel that I was presenting the work more to myself than I was to them. Hearing my ideas out loud and explaining them to my peers and honestly to myself as well, was an eye-opening experience.

It allowed me to question and evaluate how I was going to put my work together in a coherent order and to second guess my strategy which I did then change. For example, after presenting my work and witnessing a sea of slightly confused and overwhelmed faces, I realized that my intended feature would be too broad and consequently too vague.

Moving on from this, I decided to narrow the topics I would be covering in my multi-media pieces to achieve a more concise and structured piece of work which would ultimately be easier to understand and follow. And hopefully get me a better grade!