You may have already noticed some drastic changes on some of my recent posts, I hope they have been improvements and not complete failures.

The biggest change has been the inclusion of at least one image on all of my posts after all:


Including links on my posts to some of my other work, was another big point on the checklist, just in case I referred to something I wrote earlier. For example, if you randomly forgot who I am, “tadahhhh”, although I do think I am pretty unforgettable…


And remember how I said I like to ramble, well I hope you have noticed some shorter and more direct sentences as well as much clearer headings.

However, the most interesting thing I have learnt so far is undoubtedly the use of the SEO;




I always enjoyed writing witty or sarcastic headlines as I thought they were more interesting. However, for my online writing, my little puns are a great disadvantage because the computer won’t understand their significance.

A previous headline for example, which has now been changed, was “Limbo”. This was a reference to the limbo period I found myself in during my Gap year. As the overall post was about my gap year, this was not a good headline.


Because if someone wanted to read about gap year experiences and they type into their google search “Gap year” there is no way that “Limbo” would come up. Taking this into account, I have now changed this blog posts headline to A Gap Year To Remember. Better no?!