For a long time I had no idea. I wanted to do everything except be a designer. A seemingly ordinary evening scrolling through my Facebook news feed and narrowly spotting one advertisement was life changing. Now I have a clear goal.

We all know that I love to write, but I also love graphic design and photography and styling and writing and, well, I could go on and on. In fact the deeper I seem to get into my course, the more complex my career path becomes and I couldn’t see how I could possibly do everything.clock-image

The advertisement was for a course on how to become a creative/arts director for a brand or a magazine. I immediately started researching what such a role would include, other than the satisfying luxury of saying “I am a creative director.” Upon watching multiple videos from creative directors of ELLE, Cosmopolitan and Vogue I decided that this is what makes me tick! The morphing of roles and the freedom to create a cohesive message and image throughout a publication or brand, using graphic design, photography, styling and content is what I was born to do.