Bottom line, we all have insecurities and once you reach that age (puberty! the beginning of the end!) all hell breaks out and it’s a whole new world of creams, face masks, foundations and cleansing routines. This never actually applied to me, my insecurity was always my body, my skin…flawless…well  I had one or two spots but you get the picture. My sister (as she is in many ways) was my direct opposite, flawless body, insecure about her face. Up until recently I never truly understood how damaging it is for a girl’s self esteem if they feel they have a spotty face.


One of my closest friends at university didn’t want to leave the flat because of her face and I don’t know about you but that forced me to reflect on this problem – pores and all!

My very same sister is today a Make-up artist for the cosmetic brand M.A.C. and it’s fair to say that I have watched her try some very interesting cleansing routines and products which she was kind enough to pass on to my flat buddy and now guess what I’m going to do…..(stay tuned!)