As mentioned in Pores and all (1), if you haven’t read it please read it first as this is a continuation of that piece, I asked my sister to let me in on her cleansing routine for her face as she is an amazing make-up artist with a history of troublesome skin which has now significantly improved thanks to these

And so we begin:

Angela Muruli says, “So I’ll start with my skin condition. That more or less sums up why I follow the skin routine that I do. I have oily, acne prone skin in general. To add to that, I am a woman of colour therefore I tend to scar after I have a breakout. These products help me manage my skin condition and clear up acne and its scars.

  1. La Roche Posay 3 step Routine: The French are famous for their pharmaceuticals and skin care products! I love these! I use them twice a day as part of my cleanse, tone and moisturize routine, AMAZING for acne prone skin. A bit pricey but well worth
  2. Vanity Planet Face Brush: The face brush comes with 3 different heads: one for gentle cleansing, an exfoliator and a silicone brush for deep cleansing. I use the brush once a day (in the evening) so as not to damage my
  3.  African Black Soap: Amazing cleanser which I use in the evening. Most beauty gurus swear by it due to its unique combination of natural oils and antioxidants. It is extremely drying so I only use it once a day. Dirty cheap from most African and Caribbean hair
  4. Essential Oils: I first heard of these on YouTube. Cheap from Amazon and effective. I alternate essential oils on a weekly basis. Lemon oil which is great for getting rid of scarring as it is a natural lightener. Geranium reduces oil production (great news for my acne prone people) and lavender helps me get a goodnight rest as well as improving facial muscle tone. These BURN when used on their own so I mix about 3 drops with a carrier oil (coconut oil or shea butter). *the images for these are in the gallery at the top, I don’t know why it wouldn’t let me include them here*
  5. Argan Oil Mask: Picked this beauty up on the back streets of Marrakech’s famous Jemaa el-Fnaa (her and mum went without me). I like to wear a face mask once a week so I alternate between this and Mask of
  6. Mask of Magnaminty: One of Lush’s bestselling products. A fun, effective multi-purpose mask which is great for maintaining a beautiful
  7. Rose Water: When I’m all out of my La Roche Posay toner, I love using this to control oil production, maintain my skin’s pH balance (the main job of a toner) and just to freshen my skin after a night of heavy
  8. Blistex: Move over Vaseline (okay not too much I still love you). I love this little baby because it WORKS especially for seriously damaged and chapped lips. Great for winter and has a cool tingly feeling that leaves your lips soft and pout

Your Welcome x Angie