A little bit of me, a little bit of you, let's see what we can do

About Moi

By now I was meant to be studying international law at the London School of Economics. Instead I have become a fashion journalist in the making and hopefully by the end of my 3 year degree course, a capable graphic designer and photographer.

Not knowing how best to describe myself I would say I have an eclectic skill set with a personality to match. Open to changing my mind at the last minute and booking a flight ticket for the following day? Absolutely! This is how I have always wanted to live my life and so thus I shall

Whether people find my writing interesting or worthy of any attention was my initial obsession. As is my nature 3 months into the course and layout and designs have already traded roles of importance in my mind. The vague idea is to be a master of everything and hopefully this will be reflected in my blogs, so if I do jump from photography to music then to films then to travel well…. *shrugs* (you know eclectic and stuff).

Before starting my degree and upon completion of my A-levels I took a break from my studies to essentially sort out my life by taking a gap year to live in Barcelona, Spain. Much of what makes me who I am, my confidence and spontaneity, was learnt from this year. It was an invaluable experience for me.


I am hoping you can keep up with my juggling act in my weekly posts and enjoy my mini-adventures with me. I guess I should tell you a few odd facts now, like my name…..*drum roll please*

My name is Wendy, I was born in Nairobi, Kenya on January 9th 1997 (Capricorn baby) and I moved to London when I was 8 years old…that’s all…for now.